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No worms will survive under high temperatures, top boss at Super C Chef says

Jun 03. 2020
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By The Nation

Super C Chef cooks fish and seafood products in high temperatures of at least 118 degrees Celsius for 75 minutes, making it impossible for any micro-organisms to survive, the company’s president said.

Poj Aramattananont, vice-chair of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and president of Sea Value Plc, which exports tuna and instant seafood under the Super C Chef brand, also added his company maintains GMP (good manufacturing practices) and HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) standards in the production process.

Hence, he said, it was impossible for any of the Super C Chef cans to have worms as claimed by some customers.

“The news that Super C Chef fish canned on March 6 contained worms, as shown in a video clip posted online, is wrong,” he said, adding that it is possible that someone was trying to sabotage the company or the consumer had left the can open for a long time and insects may have laid eggs in it.

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