Monday, June 14, 2021


Woman helpless as village chief, police ‘fail to take action’ against her ex over alleged assault

A woman complained on her Facebook page yesterday (June 14) that she was assaulted by her former boyfriend but received no help at all – neither from the village chief nor the police.



Facebook user Orawan Singkum claimed her ex punched, kicked and hit her with the butt of his gun, and also pointed the gun at her sister’s head while allegedly threatening to kill her and wipe out her family.
Orawan’s sister frantically called the village chief’s office but no one came to help. Orawan subsequently went to the police station.
According to her post, the police informed her that they “did not have the power” to arrest her former boyfriend.
“Although my ex threatened me again through the phone, and I urged the police to hear what he said, they did nothing at all,” she complained helplessly.

Published : June 15, 2020