Mon, September 27, 2021


Prayut urges Thais to stay united, promises to give people a say in policy-making

The government will change the way it works in the new normal by getting more sectors to participate in determining Thailand’s future, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha promised in a televised address today (June 17).



As for the pandemic, he said, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, because though the country has yet to win the battle completely, the situation is under control.
However, he said, the biggest challenge was bringing life back to normal, the way it was before Covid-19 hit the country.
He also commended people for standing united during this time of crisis and asked why people waste time playing political games instead of staying united so the country can move forward.
He said that since the world was entering the “new normal”, his administration will adapt to the change by giving people a chance to have a say in the policy-making process. He said from now on, Thai citizens will not just learn about policies from newspapers or social media but will be able to contribute as his government will stop to listen to their voices.
He added that next week he will ask all sectors to present their vision on what changes are necessary to move forward for a better future of Thailand.
He also promised that people who are directly affected by government policies will be given a chance to evaluate the government’s work, which will give state agencies a chance to see if working together results in the mutual benefits that were intended. He said people can submit their opinions with high-ranking government officials.
He added that the aim is for the government to work proactively to better serve the people.
Prayut went on to say that these changes are bound to draw opposition and criticism, but said he was ready to listen to different opinions.
He also invited every citizen to do their part by joining the mission of “Thais unite together to build the nation”.

Published : June 17, 2020