Friday, May 14, 2021


Phuket plans ambitious project to emerge as international medical hub

Phuket has proposed an international medical services project on 140 rai (224,000 square metres) of land to make the province a medical hub.



A Phuket official suggested on Thursday that "developing an international medical and public health services centre would ensure safety and value-added tourism". The proposed project will tap state property besides the Tha Chat Chai Police Station in Thalang district for a total of around 140 rai, some 16-17 kilometres from the airport.
The idea was conceived due to the Covid-19 outbreak which has severely damaged tourism. Locals are seeing hardly any recovery even after the government has lifted all strict measures, as tourists will practise social distancing until a vaccine is found.
Officials believe that this project will help Phuket have a strong appeal in the long-term.

Published : June 19, 2020

By : The Nation