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WEDNESDAY, December 06, 2023

Victim of Nonthaburi ‘water-bottle poisoner’ warns fellow runners

Victim of Nonthaburi ‘water-bottle poisoner’ warns fellow runners
TUESDAY, June 23, 2020

A Nonthaburi runner has warned fellow exercisers to beware of an assailant who he believes injected poison into his water bottle, putting him in hospital.

Posting under the Facebook name Etoriw Sibaht, the victim said he went running in Nonthaburi’s Makut Rommayasaran Park at 8.30pm on Friday (June 20) and placed a bottle of water beside his running route.
After finishing his run, he drank the water but found it tasted strange. Shrugging of the taste, he went out to dinner with friends. Soon after, he began suffering blurred vision, shortness of breath and vomiting before he passed out.
He woke up in hospital, where a doctor said he might have had a stroke. However, he later learned there was a possibility he had been poisoned with a substance that caused a condition similar to a stroke.
Realising that the strange taste of the water might have come from the poison, he returned home and examined the bottle, only to find it had been punctured by a needle hole.
He reported the incident to Rattanathibet police station and also posted a warning to other runners.