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Beware of painful jellyfish stings at Songkhla’s Samila Beach

Jun 29. 2020
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For some tourists visiting Samila Beach in Songkhla’s Meuang district, holiday turned to pain after they were stung by blue bottle jellyfish amid complaints that there were no agencies to provide assistance or warn visitors at this famous tourist attraction.

One of the unlucky tourists was a 7-year-old girl.

“A jellyfish stung my 7-year-old daughter on her arm while she was swimming at the beach around 3.30pm,” a female tourist who asked not to be named told a news reporter yesterday (June 28). “There are no warning signs at the beach so we didn’t realise that we have to look out for jellyfish. On top of this, I don’t know any first aid instructions for jellyfish stings,” she complained.

“As my daughter cried out in pain, there were luckily food merchants there who told me that vinegar and beach morning glory leaves can treat jellyfish poison. They even went to a nearby 7-11 store and bought a bottle of vinegar for my daughter, besides helping pluck the leaves and spending around 15 minutes providing her first aid until she got better,” the woman said.

“A lot of people don’t know how to treat jellyfish stings,” said one of the beach merchants. “Do not rub the wound or wash it with fresh water as the burn will worsen, only vinegar can do the trick.

“Local agencies should step in and put up warning signs at the beach during this jellyfish season, as visitors are starting to pour in after the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted,” he added. “Furthermore, they should set up a first-aid unit at the beach to provide proper medical assistance to victims of jellyfish stings, as many people may unknowingly worsen their wounds by using fresh water.”

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