Thursday, June 24, 2021


Covid-19 screening staff protest over govt jobs quota

Staff tasked with screening patients for Covid-19 join a protest today to demand a higher quota of government jobs, in line with their status as front-line “troops” in the virus battle.



Around 300 medical record keepers gathered in front of the Public Health Ministry in Nonthaburi to protest that while government quotas for doctors, nurses and other medical staff had risen dramatically, theirs had remained the same.
The record keepers said they had joined other medical staff in putting their lives on the line to fight the Covid-19 crisis, but had not received the same recognition in terms of more government jobs.
Signs at the protest read “Did you forget us?” and “We have fought Covid-19 together”.
Around 3,000 medical record keepers are tasked with processing patients, screening at-risk cases, and providing medical records in hospitals nationwide.
However, the ministry did not include them in special government quotas for front-line Covid-19 staff in April.
The officials protesting on Friday added that around 600 medical record keepers had worked closely with Covid-19 patients.
Deputy Health Minister Satit Pitutecha received a proposal from the protesting staff and said a ministry committee would deal with their complaint.

Covid-19 screening staff protest over govt jobs quota

Published : July 03, 2020