Saturday, May 15, 2021


Agricultural startups to be mentored on using innovation to generate higher value

The National Innovation Agency (NIA) in cooperation with 12 private partners is launching a campaign to promote startup agricultural entrepreneurs to use innovation for boosting product prices instead of relying on government aid, NIA director Panart Chairat said.



“NIA realises the importance of the agriculture sector in which over 30 per cent of Thai population is engaged in but which contributes only 10 per cent of GDP. It shows a need for support,” he said.
“NIA has been working with 12 business partners to launch the 'Inno4Farmers' campaign to bring modern technology and innovation to improve the farming and manufacturing process of agriculturists nationwide.”
The 12 partners in this campaign include Bang Sue Fai Jia Meng Mill, Sunthon Thanyasub, Sanguanwong Industry, Buriram Sugar Plc, Taksin Palm Group, Tipco Foods Plc, Sunsweet Plc, V Foods (Thailand), CPF (Thailand) Plc, Manit Genetics, ACK Hydrofarm and Siam Kubota Corporation. These partners are involved in varied agricultural produts including rice, tapioca, oil palm, sugarcane, corn, animal farming and fishery.
“In the pilot stage of the campaign, NIA will select 10 candidates from agricultural startups nationwide who demonstrate a promising business plan to join the mentoring sessions provided by partners in respective fields,” he said. “We believe that the successful enterprises will help generate more jobs and business opportunities in the agricultural supply chain so we aim to start with a small number to ensure comprehensive and effective guidance.”
Applications to join the campaign will open on July 12, while the selection process will start on July 21.

Published : July 12, 2020