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Vaccine trial on humans ‘within next month’

Jul 13. 2020
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By The Nation

A prototype Covid-19 vaccine may be tested on humans within the next month, after Chulalongkorn University announced success in its trial on monkeys.

The Chula team is developing an mRNA vaccine and is among seven teams of Thai scientists who have requested approval to conduct Covid-19 vaccine trials on humans, said Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deputy secretary-general Paisarn Dunkum on Monday (July 13).

Latest results from the Chulalongkorn Faculty of Medicine project show monkeys injected with the vaccine developed high immunity against Covid-19.

The FDA chief said if the Chula research team sends information about its research as soon as possible, FDA approval for human trials will take no more than one month.

“We are constantly discussing and considering trials on humans. However, the safety, quality and efficiency of the trials must be considered by experts both in Thailand and abroad,” said Dr Paisarn.

Research data from foreign vaccine research programmes that used the same technology as the Thai applicants will also be considered, he said.

Along with domestic development of vaccines, the FDA is also preparing to import vaccines against Covid-19 from abroad, added Paisarn.

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