Wed, October 20, 2021


Beef farming gets boost from new govt insurance

A new government insurance campaign has been launched for Thailand’s more than 4.5 million beef farmers.

“The insurance will provide coverage of up to Bt30,000 per head of cattle for six months, with an insurance premium of only Bt400 per head,” said Apirom Sukprasert, president of the state-run Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), which is offering the cover through Dhipaya Insurance.
“The insurance will deliver payments in case of cattle deaths from diseases, accident, fire, lightning, landslide, storm or earthquake. The coverage is cancelled if the animal is sold on before the six-month period ends.”

Beef farming gets boost from new govt insurance

Anyone interested in taking the insurance must first register as a cattle farmer with the Department of Livestock Development, while their cattle must be less than 36 months old.
“Eligible cattle must also be registered with the department either by the NID or RFID method, be of good health and not under treatment for any diseases. They must also have been vaccinated against foot and mouth disease and hemorrhagic septicaemia in the past month,” Apirom added.
“Insurance can now be bought at any branch of the bank, while farmers must be ready to submit the required documents within 30 days of the insurance becoming effective.
“The bank hopes the campaign will help attract more farmers to raise cattle for domestic consumption and export, especially in drought-hit areas unsuitable for crops, as well as boosting cultivation of animal-feed crops,” said Apirom.

Published : July 16, 2020