Wed, October 20, 2021


Education Ministry sets up new centre to help make schools safe again

The Education Ministry launched a “Student Protection and Help Centre” on Monday (July 20) to help students who have undergone physical and mental abuse.

Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan said schools are not just educational institutions, but also a second home for students, where they should feel warm and safe. Sexual harassment goes completely against this principle, he said.

He said in many sexual abuse cases, the victim was silenced out of fear, and this allowed the offender to go unpunished and repeat the offence over and over again, which in turn made schools unsafe.

Nataphol added that his ministry does not want children’s second home to become a terrifying place. Hence, he said, this centre has been created to protect and help victims, so they can reclaim their rights through the justice process.

The centre has been opened under three principles, promoting immunity and protection, solving old problems and preventing new problems, and making students a priority.

Students who have been sexually compromised by government officials, personnel under the supervision f the Education Ministry or those facing sexual abuse at school can call (02) 700 0001 or the 1579 hotline. Students can also visit the Education Ministry’s Facebook page or show up at the ministry in person.

Published : July 20, 2020

By : The Nation