Mon, January 17, 2022


Industry Ministry pushes to boost production of top quality hemp fibre

The Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) has been tasked with coming up with innovative machinery for research and production of hemp fibre in line with international standards now that the market for it has grown at 5 per cent yearly.

Suchart Trisangrujira, adviser to the Industry Ministry, said the hemp market was now worth Bt124.6 million and is expected to grow 34 per cent to Bt824.6 million by 2025.
The Industry Ministry has tasked the department via the Thailand Textile Institute to research the production of high-quality hemp fibre, so it can be produced locally and propose it to the relevant panel looking to solve issues with marijuana, hemp and kratom leaves.
Chetnipit Rodpai, deputy director-general of the department, said DIP was studying the benefits and guideline for hemp production in Thailand, while the Thailand Textile Institute has already started collecting information about the significant feature of each breed of hemp to improve the quality of hemp fibre.
Also, technology and innovation used in the production of hemp fibre will not just improve production standards but also boost the capacity of Thailand’s competitiveness.

Published : July 21, 2020

By : The Nation