Mon, January 17, 2022


Pulling mask down to chin can be dangerous: Public Health Ministry

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (July 21), the Public Health Ministry issued a warning against pulling the face mask down to the chin, even temporarily, as the mask could collect germs from the unprotected neck area and transfer them via the nose and mouth when the mask is pulled back up.

Instead, users should store the mask in a sealable bag when removing it to eat or drink.

The ministry also said people should pay heed to following steps:
1. Always wash hands before putting on a mask;
2. Only hold the mask from its ear loops, and hold both loops when putting on the mask;
3. Make sure the wire frame sits on your nose before putting the loops around your ears;
4. Press down on the wire frame to ensure it fits snugly;
5. Make sure the mask covers both nose and mouth, while the bottom of the ask sits just below the lower lip but above the chin;

Pulling mask down to chin can be dangerous: Public Health Ministry

6. Do not remove mask when talking to others;
7. Change the mask when it gets dirty or moist. It is recommended that people keep a spare of two to three masks a day;
8. Remove the mask by grabbing ear loops and carefully pulling them away from your face;
9. Fabric masks can be reused after washing, but sanitary face masks are not reusable;
10. Used face masks should be put in a plastic bag before being disposed in a covered bin. Hands must be thoroughly washed after disposal.

Published : July 22, 2020