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Over Bt50 billion sought for battle against Covid-19

Jul 31. 2020
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By The Nation

Medical personnel and the availability of medical equipment and facilities are key to fighting Covid-19, and the Loan Review Committee is considering a request of Bt51.9 billion for the job.

Of the amount sought, Bt43.9 billion will be spent on 41 projects from agencies under the Public Health Ministry, and Bt8.05 billion on 193 projects from other agencies.

According to the application, Bt11.3 billion will be spent on remunerating local medical and public health personnel as well as hiring both local and foreign experts; Bt7.41 billion will be spent on procuring medical equipment, medicine and vaccines; Bt11 billion on research and development as well as disease control; Bt18.4 billion on 26 quarantine projects; and Bt3.6 billion on emergencies caused by the outbreak of infectious diseases.

The Cabinet has, so far, approved Bt3.73 billion for four Covid-19 projects under the ministry, including financial support for health volunteers, vaccine and medicines, laboratory development and improving medical equipment.

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