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State welfare card scheme the most popular of policies proposed by parties: poll

Aug 04. 2020
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Most people are satisfied with the state welfare card scheme introduced by Palang Pracharat Party while urging political parties to focus on solving economic problems, according to an opinion survey.

The survey by Suan Dusit Pollster found that 59.46 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied with the Palang Pracharat Party’s state welfare card scheme when asked which policies from political parties they approve.

Suan Dusit surveyed 1,328 people from around the country via online and interview methods from July 27-30.

Other policies that have received high approval ratings include health insurance scheme by Pheu Thai Party (41.59 per cent), Rao Mai Thing Gun (We do not leave anyone behind) campaign by Palang Pracharat Party (18.08 per cent), crop price guarantee scheme by Democrat Party (11.35 per cent), allowance for the elderly/disabled by Palang Pracharat Party (4.95 per cent), and medical marijuana policy by Bhumjaithai Party (2.48 per cent).

When asked what they want political parties to focus on, 49.45 per cent of the respondents said they should focus on economic problems, followed by preventing the outbreak of Covid-19 (14.94 per cent), fixing the unemployment problem (8.8 per cent), eliminating corruption (8.16 per cent), improving people’s welfare and quality of life (7.88 per cent), and lowering the cost of living (6.6 per cent.)

When asked how political parties should help people at the grass roots level, 20.9 per cent of respondents said they need to increase the guaranteed price of agricultural produce, followed by creating sustainable career opportunities (19.63 per cent), and solving economic problems (12.75 per cent).

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