Fri, December 03, 2021


Gun-happy schoolboys terrorise villagers in Buri Ram

A video clip of young men in school uniforms riding motorbikes into Buri Ram's Ban Khok Mai Daeng Hua - Laluad village and shooting guns was revealed on Thursday (August 6).

Initial investigation learned that this gun-happy gang had ridden into the village before and attacked residents by flinging objects at them and shooting in the sky.
Officers retrieved footage from surveillance cameras at the scene and proceeded with taking legal action.
Namkhang Phuangmalee, 38, the woman who recorded the video clip, said these schoolboys had shown up at the village several times intimidating villagers by shooting guns.
Villager Praneet Phuangmalee, 47, urged officers to prosecute the gang so nobody gets hurt in case the gang gets even more aggressive.

Published : August 07, 2020

By : The Nation