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Job scene changes in post-Covid era

Aug 08. 2020
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By The Nation

The Government Public Relations Department on Friday (August 7) revealed the top 10 skills needed the most in the labour market during the post-Covid era based on data collected from three employment websites, namely JobsDM, JobBKK, and JobThai.

The top 10 jobs going are:

1. Salespersons for stores, telesales, websites, insurance and product information providers;

2. Transport and warehouse officers who can work in shifts;

3. Information Technology, such as programmers, software developers, website developers and system administrators;

4. Engineers – demand for engineers is high because foreign companies that use Thailand as a production base need them to manage factories, supervise maintenance of standards and machines for production efficiency;

5. Technicians, such as electricians, electronic technicians and mechanics, who play an important role in production;

6. Accountants for specialised knowledge to support tax filing or budgeting;

7. Finance officers as they are responsible for billing, trading, debt collection, debt repayment and managing a company’s liabilities;

8. Assistant clerical and purchasing officers are required for coordination and paperwork;

9. Customer service and reception officers are needed to provide information and after-sales service to customers as well as to man telephones in call centres;

10. Marketing and PR officers who can work with sales and product development teams in using different advertising channels to meet consumers’ needs.

Though there are plenty of jobs available for people with the abovementioned skills, the unemployment figures in the country are still worrisome.

Meanwhile, Assoc Prof Dr Somchai Phakaphatwiwat, an independent economics scholar, said businesses likely to grow in the post-Covid era are:

1. Information technology: Many businesses are having to rely on websites, applications and blockchain technology to operate their business.

2. Edibles and food delivery: This business is growing quickly because people are having to work from home due to the Covid-19 crisis.

3. Online teaching: The Covid-19 crisis is encouraging people to learn new skills online, such as cooking, artwork, singing, exercising to name a few.

Somchai added that the businesses that have to improve in the post-Covid era are:

1. Retail: Businesses will have to start providing online services because people prefer to shop online now.

2. Supply chain: Procuring methods will change due to changes in transportation and the moving of production bases.

3. Financial business: Investors will diversify their portfolios to cut down on risks.

4. Banks and financial institutions: They will need to cut down on branches and employees soon as people are opting for e-banking services.

He said the businesses that will suffer the most are hotels, restaurants, spas, factories and especially companies that face liquidity issues.

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