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Jasmine price soars amid surge in demand for Mother's Day

Aug 10. 2020
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By The Nation

The price of jasmine flowers shot up to Bt800 to Bt1,000 per kilogramme for Mother's Day, which is celebrated on August 12, a jasmine farm owner in Nakhon Ratchasima province said on Monday (August 10).

The flower market in Nakhon Ratchasima was bustling with activity as demand for jasmine increased for Mother's Day.

Charan Masawat, 45, a two-rai jasmine farm owner said most of the customers were flower and garland retailers.

"Usually, jasmine sells at Bt400 to Bt500 per kilogram, but its price rises to Bt800 to Bt1,000 per kilogramme during Mother's Day every year," she said.

"We have to manage stock carefully because several customers will come to buy jasmine during this time."

She said she has to hire workers to collect jasmine all day to meet the customers' demand.

"The quality of jasmine from this farm is very high because we do not use any chemical substances, as a result its price is high as well," she said.

She added that many retailers used gardenia that has the same shape as jasmine, but does not have the fragrance, to make garlands instead.

"Normally, gardenia will be sold at Bt80 to Bt100 per kilogramme, but its price will rise to Bt200 per kilogramme during Mother's Day," she added.

Meanwhile, flower growers in Phichit have decided to sell gardenias for Mother’s Day this year because their jasmine blossoms were killed by pests.

Bangorn Raweksom said her jasmine tree was affected by fungus and worms, adding that gardenia flowers are being sold at Bt400 to Bt500 per kilogramme.

“Retailers normally require 20 kilogrammes of gardenia for making garlands, but we can only collect 13 to 15 kilos and generate about Bt1,000 to Bt1,200 per day in income,” she said.

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