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GPO to sell 3.5 million single-use face masks at its pharmacies

Aug 18. 2020
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The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) will sell 3.5 million sanitary face masks to the public after getting the green light from the Ministry of Commerce.

“As the Covid-19 situation in Thailand has been improving continually and the domestic supply of sanitary face masks is getting better, the Department of Internal Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce, had announced on August 11 its decision to allow manufacturers of sanitary face masks to sell to general consumers at a retail price not over Bt2.50 per piece,” said Sirikul Matevelungsun, GPO deputy managing director. “The GPO, therefore, is preparing to sell single-use sanitary face masks at Bt125 per box of 50 pieces at eight branches of GPO pharmacy in Bangkok and perimeter areas from August 19.

“In the early phase, we will sell 500,000 pieces and will sell 3 million more in the coming months,” she added.

“GPO is also readying the manufacturing, sourcing and stocking up of drugs, medical supplies and Covid-19 prevention equipment, such as N95 face masks and PPE suits, as well as alcohol hand sanitisers to prevent shortage of these necessary items in case there is a second wave of virus outbreak,” added Sirikul. “Furthermore, we have been actively researching and developing Covid-19 vaccine as well as other related products to help prevent the spread of the virus to reduce reliance on products from overseas.”

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