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Phayao policeman makes a killing with rats

Aug 26. 2020
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By The Nation

A policeman in Phayao province has boosted his income by raising lesser bamboo rats, a species of rodents, which have become very popular.

A couple of rodents are priced at Bt10,000 to Bt15,000.

Somboon Nantapit said that there was high demand for lesser bamboo rats because they were cute-looking animals and many people wanted to have them as a pet. But the supply of rats was not sufficient to cater to online orders.

He said he had raised about 30 rats in cement ponds for two years and had fed them with corn, sugar cane and livestock feeds.

A couple of babies are priced at Bt3,000 to Bt4,000 while the breeders, weighing around 7-8 kilograms, are priced at Bt10,000 to Bt15,000.

The lesser bamboo rat is a stocky rodent with small eyes and ears. Its body is covered with soft, dense and brown fur and its legs are quite short. The physical features make the lesser bamboo rat look like a combination of a mole and a rat.

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