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MEA posts advice on what to do if powerline falls on your car

Sep 17. 2020
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The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) posted on Facebook a series of steps motorists should take in case a powerline snaps and falls on their car.

“You need to remain calm and not immediately get out of the car. First check the surrounding area and see if the powerline is touching the car or the ground and see if the ground is wet or dry,” it said.

MEA advises the following steps if the car can move:

• Do not leave the car until you are sure the powerline is not touching the vehicle and the ground is not wet;

• Notify passersby and tell them not to approach the car;

• If possible, move the car at least 10 metres from the powerline before getting out of the vehicle. Take care not to drive over the powerline as it can entangle with the car’s lower body or suspension.

If the car cannot move or has caught fire, the motorist is advised to:

• Avoid stepping out of the car and instead jump out with both feet and ensure no part of your body is touching the car;

• When you have made your way out, hop away as far as possible with both feet. Avoid walking or running as you may step on live wire;

• Do not return to the car for valuables or try to put out the fire until the authorities cut off the power in that area.

Call MEA hotline 1130 for accidents in Bangkok, Nonthaburi or Samut Prakan, and the Provincial Electricity Authority hotline 1129 for other provinces.

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