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Two Thai returnees in state quarantine found to be reinfected with Covid-19

There were two cases of reinfection of the three new Covid-19 cases in state quarantine over a 24-hour period, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) said on Friday.



A 42-year-old man who had returned from Singapore on September 18 was found positive on September 23 in Chonburi state quarantine. He had been infected earlier but did not go to a hospital in Singapore for treatment. The Singapore health authority found him free from infection on June 11.

A 58-year-old man travelled back from Kuwait on September 22 and tested positive the same day. His health history showed that he had been infected and got treated in a hospital before returning to Thailand.

A 42-year-old woman returned from the United States on September 19 and tested positive on September 23 in Chonburi’s state quarantine facility.

Meanwhile, seven patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

The total number of confirmed cases in Thailand increased to 3,519 (581 in state quarantine), of whom 100 are in hospital and 3,360 have recovered and been discharged, while the death toll is 59.

According to Worldometer, as of 10am, the total number of confirmed cases had increased to 32.4 million (up by 314,855 over a 24-hour period), 23.9 million have recovered, there are 7.49 million active cases ( 63,333 in severe condition) and 987,724 have died.

Thailand ranks 136th for most cases in the world, while the US has the most number with 7.18 million, followed by India 5.81 million, Brazil 4.65 million, Russia 1.12 million and Colombia 790,823.

Published : September 25, 2020

By : The Nation