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Visitors rush to Nakhon Sawan mountain after legendary monkey king 'sighted'

Sep 26. 2020
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By The Nation

Hundreds of visitors have flocked to the Khao Nor mountain in Nakhon Sawan province to catch a glimpse of the giant "monkey king", after news that he had been spotted was reported on Friday.

Intuch Sirichanto, an officer at Ban Daen subdistrict municipality, reportedly was able to take a picture of a giant monkey on Khao Nor mountaintop in Banphot Phisai district. People in the province said it was a legendary monkey king and he was larger than the Samae monkey.

After the news was reported, hundreds of visitors flocked to the mountain, while retailers have set up stalls to sell food and beverages.

Kimlieng Yooyod, a 61-year-old female villager who lives near the Khao Nor mountain, said she knew of the legend of the monkey king from her mother and grandmother, adding that the giant monkey is larger than other apes and is rarely seen.

She explained that about 50 years ago, a large number of monkeys would not go down from the mountain until the former abbot of Wat Khao Nor rang the bell to call them.

"Nowadays, thousands of monkeys have started to live in the temple are, but no one has found the monkey king again until his picture was taken by a municipality officer," she said.

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