Teenager denies shooting girl who died in Buriram


A teenager, arrested on Sunday for shooting a girl dead in Buriram province, claimed that he had shot into the sky, not at her.

Nutthicha Thanthaisong, 16, was allegedly shot dead by other teenagers when she was returning home from a local event in Buriram province on Saturday morning.
Nutthicha was riding pillion on a motorcycle ridden by her male friend aged 19. On the way, a group of teenagers rode behind them, firing their guns. One bullet hit her on the back and exited through her heart.
The girl was taken to a hospital where she died. Her friend was also injured by the bullet that killed her, but he was safe and undergoing treatment.
On Sunday, Na Pho police in Buriram took a suspect, Natthakit Boonluea, 19, after his friends informed police that he was the person who had shot Nutthicha.
During interrogation, the suspect only confessed that he had fired his gun at the sky, not at the deceased. Police have charged him with intent to murder.
Police added that six friends of Natthakit had named him as the shooter. However, his group had around 50 persons, and all of them would be summoned as police believed that there was more than one person who had guns.
Three other people were injured on the same day in gun violence, police said. They were teenagers in Khon Kaen province’s Nong Song Hong district, which borders Buriram.