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Vegetable prices leap 5-10% after farms hit by flooding

Oct 12. 2020
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The price of fresh vegetables has risen sharply after weeks of flooding hit crops across the country.

Wattanasak Sur-iam, acting director of the Internal Trade Department, said on Monday that flooding in several provinces has reduced supply, resulting in price increases for vegetables with a shorter shelf life or vulnerability to damage by heavy rain.

He said several vegetables will be up to 10 per cent more expensive during the upcoming Vegetarian Festival.

“Cabbage, coriander, Chinese kale and celery are among those that will see price hikes,” he said. “We expect to see price rises of 5-10 per cent during the Vegetarian Festival next week, but the supply should be adequate as the flood situation has started to improve.

“The price of other vegetarian food ingredients, such as soybean and TVP [textured vegetable protein], is still in the same range as last year, so there should be no price hike for vegetarian foods,” he added.

“The department has asked markets and discount stores nationwide to provide low-price vegetarian dishes starting at Bt20-25 from October 14 until the festival ends on October 25, to help low-income earners who wish to participate in the festival.”

The price rises as per the department’s recent market survey are as follows: Coriander is Bt29-30 per kilo, up Bt10 from before the rainy season; Chinese kale is Bt30-35/kilo, up Bt5; Chinese mustard greens and morning glory is Bt25-30/kilo, up Bt5; and spring onions are Bt9-10/kilo, up Bt1.





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