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Thai students top global ranking for political alertness but flunk on equality

Oct 29. 2020
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Thai students are highly alert to social issues compared to their peers overseas, according to the findings of an international report released last week.

Development (OECD) last Thursday, was based on a 2018 survey of 15-year-olds around the world. The OECD surveyed their outlook as global citizens and their views on environmental and human rights issues.  

Education economist Pumsaran Tongliemnak said the report’s findings reflect the political awareness of students today, since the 15-year-olds surveyed were now in the age group of hyper-aware students that is pressing for changes to the status quo.

Pumsaran, who works at the Equitable Education Fund, said Thai students scored high on alertness for social issues, compared to children overseas. Girls showed more interest in the issues than boys, and children from wealthier families followed the issues more than those in poorer families.

Thai children topped the OECD rankings when it came to monitoring news via social media networks such Facebook and Twitter. They also ranked third for concern about environmental issues and energy saving.

However, the report also found weak points.

Thai youths ranked very low for respect and equality towards people of different cultures, Pumsaran noted.

The education economist urged adults to read the report to gain insights into Thailand’s young generation.


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