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Seven Thais among 12 returnees who test positive for Covid-19

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reported 12 new cases in state quarantine facilities over a 24-hour period on Friday.

The cases included:
• A 32-year-old Brazilian engineer who arrived from Philippines on October 22 and tested positive on October 27 at a Bangkok alternative state quarantine hotel. He was asymptomatic.
• A 34-year-old Thai businesswoman who returned from the US and Taiwan on October 23 and was put up in a quarantine facility in Chonburi. She tested positive on October 28 and was asymptomatic.
• Three people travelling from India tested positive. Mainly a 31-year-old Thai masseuse who stayed in Chonburi state quarantine, 32-year-old Indian man who works here, and a 45-year-old Indian woman. All three were put up in a Bangkok alternative state quarantine hotel and tested positive on October 28. The Thai woman’s infection history traced back to September 28.
• Four Thai returnees from the United Arab Emirates, namely a 26-year-old spa operator, a 30-year-old woman, 42-year-old restaurant employee and 52-year-old male office worker, arrived on October 23-24 and tested positive while quarantined in a Chonburi state facility on October 27-28.
• A 30-year-old Myanmar national who travelled from Myanmar on October 28 to be treated for other ailments tested positive on October 29 at an alternative hospital quarantine in Bangkok. Her health history shows she had been infected on September 28.
• A 43-year-old medical tourist who arrived from Ethiopia on October 28 tested positive on the same day at an alternative hospital quarantine facility in Bangkok.
• A 25-year-old Thai male student who arrived from Jordan on October 27 and had the sniffles tested positive during the screening process at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Meanwhile, 15 patients have recovered and been discharged.
The total number of confirmed cases in Thailand has risen to 3,775 (827 in state quarantine), 131 of whom are in hospital and 3,585 have been discharged. The death toll remains unchanged at 59.
As of 10am on Friday according to Worldometer, the total number of confirmed cases worldwide had risen to 45.31 million (up by 545,903). Of them 32.99 million have recovered, while 11.14 million are active cases (82,228 in severe condition) and 1.18 million have died (up by 7,172).
Thailand ranks 147th in most cases in the world, while US tops the list with 9.21 million, followed by India at 8 million, Brazil 5.49 million, Russia 1.58 million and France 1.28 million.

Published : October 30, 2020

By : The Nation