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WEDNESDAY, December 06, 2023

Five found positive in quarantine

Five found positive in quarantine
THURSDAY, November 12, 2020

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration on Thursday reported five new cases in quarantine over a 24-hour period.

The latest cases are:
> A 30-year-old Thai female student, who returned from Sweden on November 5 and went into Chon Buri state quarantine. She was found positive on November 10, with a fever of 37.6 degrees Celsius.
> A 45-year-old Thai welder, who came home from Iran on November 5 and entered quarantine at a state-appointed hotel in Bangkok. He tested positive on November 10.
> A 58-year-old Thai male merchant, who returned from Kenya and Ethiopia (connecting flight) on November 6. He went into state quarantine in Chon Buri and was found positive on November 9.
> A 65-year-old Thai woman, who arrived from Switzerland and Dubai (connecting flight) on November 7. She tested positive on November 9 with 37.9 degrees Celsius fever in quarantine in Samut Prakan.
> A 70-year-old German man, who arrived on November 5 and went into alternative state quarantine at a hotel in Bangkok. He was found positive on November 10.
Meanwhile, eight patients have recovered and been discharged.
As of Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand has increased to 3,852 (894 in state quarantine). Of these, 99 are in hospital and 3,693 have recovered and been discharged. The death toll remains at 60.
According to Worldometer, as of 10am the number of confirmed global cases has increased to 52.4 million (rising by 613,436 in 24 hours). Of these, 36.67 million have recovered, 14.47 million are active cases (95,071 in severe condition) and 1.29 million have died (an increase of 10,180).
Thailand ranks a safe 149th for most cases in the world.
The US has the most number, with 10.7 million, followed by India (8.68 million), Brazil (5.74 million), France (1.86 million) and Russia (1.83 million).