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Students from 23 schools will be ‘bad’ on Tuesday and dress casually, says ‘Bad Student’ group

Nov 30. 2020
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The group that mockingly calls itself “Bad Student” announced on Sunday that students from 23 schools will attend classes in casual clothes on Tuesday in line with the call from KKC Pakee Students group in Khon Kaen.

KKC launched a clarion call last Thursday asking for students across the country to not be afraid of questioning the need to wear school uniforms and dress casually on Tuesday to signify their stance.

“We urge you all to wear casual clothes to school instead of uniforms to question its importance. Will students be allowed to attend class if they are not in uniform? Will casual clothes increase inequality in school? Why is focusing on uniforms so important in school?,” the KKC statement said.

The 23 schools whose students will shun uniforms on Tuesday are: Samsenwittayalai, Triam Udom Suksa, Kanlayanawat, Suranari Witthaya, Chonkanyanukoon, Sarawittaya, Horwang, Triam Udom Suksa Pattanakarn, Khon Kaen Wittayayon, Srinakharinwirot University: Demonstration School, Satriwithaya, Satriwithaya 2, Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni), Siyanuson, Matthayom Taksin Rayong, Suankularb Wittayalai Rangsit, Benjamarachalai, Chonradsadornumrung, Kaennakhon Wittayalai, Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University, Rittiyawannalai, Udon Pittayanukoon and Satri Rachinuthit.

Most of these schools are in Bangkok.

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