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Chiang Mai zoo comes up with creative ways to keep big cats cool

Mar 27. 2021
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By The Nation

Officials at Chiang Mai’s Tiger Kingdom have devised many ingenious ways to ensure the tigers remain hydrated and cool in the searing summer heat.

The temperature at noon can sometimes hit 40 degrees Celsius, so zoo officials have been serving a snack of ice cream to the two-year-old male Bengal tigers Strong and Satang. They also shake long sticks with coconut or palm leaves at the tip to lure the tigers into the pond.

Meanwhile, tiger cubs Nguen, Nak and Thong are being kept under air-conditioning, while Nummon and Namo – the zoo’s superstar cheetahs – love being wiped down with a wet cloth.

These cheetahs are famous for their friendliness.

Orapin Shinawatra, general manager of the zoo in Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim district, said veterinarians and zoo officials keep a watchful eye on the tigers to ensure they are not stressed or have heatstroke.

“If the weather is hot, the tigers will lie down to save their energy,” she added.

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