Friday, July 23, 2021


Royal Thai Air Force trainee smashes international military record for push-ups

A trainee Royal Thai Air Force (RTA) officer has smashed the record for push-ups at the international Joint Chiefs of Staff Course in Russia.

On June 18, Wing Commander Tanawat Kitcharoensakkul stunned the might of the Russian military by doing 222 non-stop push-ups, shattering the record of 141 held by a Russian military student since 2017.

The RTA said Tanawat’s name now tops the military academy’s board of record holders after he excelled in the physical fitness test, which is an integral part of the military course.

For the push-up test, candidates are allowed no rest periods and must keep their feet together and back and arms straight in the upward position. Lowering themselves, candidate’s chests must touch the counting device, a 2-inch box with lights that signal each correctly executed push-up.

The push-up challenge is one of 24 physical fitness tests included in the course. All Russian military students and international counterparts are obliged to complete this endurance test. Record holders in each category are officially inducted into the academy’s roll of honour.

Published : June 24, 2021

By : The Nation