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Sukampol should do some real work

Jan 06. 2013
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I have no problem with Defence Minister Sukampol Suwannathat's ordering the retroactive removal of opposition leader Abhisit as an instructor at an Army cadet school. If Abhisit in fact dodged the draft as charged, then he certainly was not worthy to teac


But I suggest that the defence minister’s main job is to defend our country – not to curry favour to keep his post secure. 
General Sukampol, you have a multitude of tasks far more important than firing a sub-lieutenant who left the Army decades ago, don’t you? 
For example, you haven’t done anything towards court-martialling your fellow officers who were guilty of excess use of force at Krue Se (32 killed), manslaughter at Tak Bai (73 killed) and murder most foul at Nong Chik (four deliberately murdered). You haven’t gone after those who approved the GT200 bomb detector, which has been proven accurate only one-fifth of the time, so our soldiers would be better off by flipping a coin, and we’d save Bt1 million per device as well.
Our Navy’s pride and joy, the Chakri Narubet, has been incapable of fighting for many years now, and nobody’s identified a possible enemy with the subs for it to fight. Why haven’t you sold it off and given the proceeds to the Navy so they could defend us more effectively?
The scandal-plagued military airship couldn’t even fly above 20 metres without crashing. Why haven’t you investigated those who proposed and approved the purchase? 
General, get busy with protecting our country, and your job security will take care of itself!

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