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Pheu Thai is a national embarrassment

Mar 25. 2014
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It seems that Pheu Thai has contacted the United Nations, requesting that it safeguard Thai elections to preserve Thailand's democracy.
The Pheu Thai Party is effectively seeking support from the UN for an undemocratic, corrupt government whose supporters resort to armed violence when the government is challenged. It is a government whose politicised police force seemingly ignores the law to favour the government. It is a government that exploits the poorest, such as the rice farmers. And above all, it is run by one man, a fugitive from the law of the country. Pheu Thai believes a further “democratic” vote will ensure the continuance of such a government.
There is always the possibility that the UN might reply by explaining what constitutes democracy. It might just advise that, if the government wishes to protect democracy in Thailand, it should abide by the law and force the police to enforce the laws as adjudicated by the independent agencies. The UN might just explain that the vote alone does not constitute democracy, a point recently made by US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Were this to happen, Pheu Thai’s response would most likely be to declare the UN invalid, as it does with any institution opposing its infantile notion of the law and democratic governance.
Before it makes more requests for international intervention, Pheu Thai would be well advised to learn what democracy is and what the principle of voting means. It would thereby avoid global embarrassment for the country. 
JC Wilcox

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