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How to rap your way up |the corporate ladder

Dec 02. 2015
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By The Nation

It's a tough job market out there, but Silpakorn University student Nattee Akarapongthanaruk has got his foot in the door with a job application in video form that's duly gone viral on Facebook.

It’s a tough job market out there, but Silpakorn University student Nattee Akarapongthanaruk has got his foot in the door with a job application in video form that’s duly gone viral on Facebook.

“Sawasdee krub, pom chue Natee, I wanna be a copy!” is how he introduces himself – in flat-out rap style – and states his ambition to become a copywriter.

The 20-year-old student of information and communication technology (he’s got that stuff nailed) obviously thinks the carefully written, neatly typed and impeccably printed resume is strictly for dinosaurs.

Instead, Nattee offers a highly entertaining two-and-a-half-minute rap that employers will find difficult to ignore. They might not have a position for a “homeboy” at the moment, but they’ll surely get a kick out of this kid selling himself as a potential dream member of the staff.

It loses much in translation, but the lyrics include, “I graduated from ICT Silpakorn where I used to work without sleep. I’m not boasting, but I can work ’til 7-Eleven closes. I use a Bt10 pen but my copy could make over Bt10 million. I’m willing to learn new things and I have great ideas. If you don’t want to hire me now, you can do it later!”

Word up, boss! Creative approach, clever lyrics, good performance and excellent video-production skills – how can you go wrong! Actor-director Kitti “Kleur” Cheawongkul shared the video online and said he’s ready to hire Natee. “Come and apply!”

The video went live on Sunday and by yesterday had more than 290,000 views, 5,200 shares and 15,000 likes. There are loads of comments brimming with praise, but so far Nattee hasn’t replied. Maybe he’s already got a job someplace. If not, he shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

Actually, Soopsip checked and found out that Nattee hasn’t even graduated yet – in fact he’s only in second year. And the “job application” is actually just a class project. His lecturer must be very proud to have groomed a talent like this.

The Zuck don’t suck

Another bit of news posted on Facebook is that some guy named Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have a new daughter, named Max.

Yes, the guy who invented Facebook (well, more or less) announced the birth this week. But you know the Zuck – he’s got to do everything with a big splash. To celebrate the addition to the family, he plans to donate 95 per cent of his Facebook shares, currently worth around US$45 billion (Bt1.6 trillion), to charity. That’s, ah, nice.

Zuck also said he’s going to take two months’ paternity leave. We assume that means he won’t be in the office, as opposed to taking a vacation from his personal Facebook page. It’s not as big a deal as $45 billion for charity, of course, but the issue of paternity leave is important to many worker bees in the hive.

Zuckerberg says male employees of Facebook in the United States can take up to four months off when their wife gives birth. That’s a lot of face-time with the baby. We’re going to suggest it to our own personnel department and threaten to un-friend them if they don’t offer the same.

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