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Abhisit did right thing regarding boy born to non-Thai parents

Feb 07. 2016
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Re: “Political aircraft don’t fly far”, Letters, February 4.

Somsak Pola blames former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for failing to honour his promise to grant Thai citizenship to a boy born to parents who are not natural Thais.

Now, that boy has turned 19, and still has no nationality. So, according to Somsak, Abhisit should be blamed for reneging on his promise to the boy.

This case is not that simple. If Abhisit had done as promised, some immigration laws might have been broken.

If so, Abhisit did the right thing in not misusing the power invested in him by law.

On a different note, there are a few things I like about Abhisit.

He did not drive a wedge between Thai citizens. He did not cause the country to lose more than B500 billion through any policy under his leadership and he did not seek personal wealth through corruption.

Vint Chavala


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