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Wedding foreseen as Dome softens up Metal’s rocker dad

Feb 25. 2016
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By The Nation

After two years of dating under what the cops refer to mildly as “tight surveillance”, it looks like Pakorn “Dome” Lam and Metal Sukkhao are almost ready to tie the knot. Well, pretty much, anyway.
It’s been an on-and-off romance, perhaps partially as a result of all that outside pressure. Conducting the surveillance have been not only Dome’s devoted fans – and his detractors, since the guy used to be Thailand’s Playboy No 1 – but most importantly Metal’s father. The man who gave her that name is hard-rock singer Rang Rockestra (Chatchai Sukkhawadee), whose fatherly protectiveness is indeed metallic.
Metal tells the scholarly journal Gossip Star she’s got her fingers crossed for a wedding in the near future. “Dome hasn’t actually got down on one knee and proposed yet, but there have been talks about our future together, about settling down, and we’re thinking about getting married in six months. It’s up to Dome when he proposes, but it’s certain that we’ll be married.”
And this is okay with the old man? “He gave us his blessing,” Metal says. “He’s been watching Dome and he knows he’s a decent man who takes good care of me. Actually he’s been very supportive and open about my love life. He worries, like most dads, but he gives me the freedom to choose for myself and I’m really thankful for that.”
A dumb place to “post”
Jiravich “Hut” Pongpijit, the latest celebrity fledged from “The Star”, showed last week he’s got the makings of true publicity whore by inscribing all his personal details on a prominent kilometre marker in Chiang Rai.
Pictures of the stone marker post at the newly developed Phu Chi Dao scenic point circulated online and a lot of viewers were livid. This wasn’t the quick-and-dirty “Rang Rockestra was here” graffiti or anything. Hut scrawled all over the stone, listing his full name, nickname, the date, and his Instagram ID so folks could look him up. (More likely it will be the police.)
The resulting outrage was phenomenal, most people slamming Hut for stooping so low in a bid to bolster his fame. He was obviously born without a conscience or common sense, or neither, they said. 
Hut’s defence: The local village headman had personally asked him to engrave his name on the post to promote the scenic site. The local village headman’s response: Utter nonsense – no one in his right mind would ask any celebrity to do such a thing. 
The inevitable denouement: Hut called a press conference to apologise to the village head, the province of Chiang Rai and, basically, everyone else on the planet, for his “act of ignorance”. He really did want to promote the tourist destination, he maintained. The public’s reaction: derisive laughter, long and loud.

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