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Saying Brexit MPs drugged goes beyond reason

Jul 26. 2016
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Re: “Unintentionally entertaining realism”, Letters July 25.
With mounting irritation I read Robin Grant’s response to John Shepherd’s criticism of the Brexit referendum (“Writer idealistic to a fault”, Letters July 24). Given Grant’s insinuations and distortion of the truth, it seems anger overtook his reasoning capacities. To accuse the British MPs of being drugged is far beyond reasonable – when one apple in the basket is rotten that doesn’t mean they are all rotten. 
I visit Bangkok about four times a year and meet friends in a bar. Can you infer from this that hanging around bars is my lifestyle? As the recent past proves, far from being drugged, the UK was the best-performing country among its peers. 
I share Grant’s dislike for Boris Johnson, but to compare him with Donald Trump shows unawareness of Trump’s lunatic policies, or did I miss Boris’s proposal to build a wall along the Scottish border? 
Nowhere did I read in Shepherd’s letter any support for a military coup in the UK, so where did Grant get that idea? The Brexit vote was democratic because the one-man, one-vote principle was upheld, but undemocratic because the lies told as part of the Leave campaign made it impossible for voters to make a sound choice. 
Robin Grant is unable to see how the world we have to live in works. Calling the English MPs drugged seems like the kettle calling the pot black.

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