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The world has spun off its moral axis – where are we heading?

Oct 27. 2016
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There have been many harsh and ugly attacks on Wikileaks and Julian Assange over the years from all sides – from assassinations threats to warnings against reading leaks since they were “stolen materials and therefore not legal”.

The right wing in America – Republicans, Fox News and the likes – were among the fiercest opponents of what Wikileaks stands for. Yet suddenly these same groups are grabbing all the Wikileaked e-mails they can get their hands on to fight Hillary Clinton! It’s funny, pathetic, revealing, opportunistic – you name it. It’s also a crystal-clear example of the monster called double standards, which is rearing its ugly head everywhere these days.

No one sticks to morality and principles any more, everything is floating: what is beneficial in the moment is the norm – full throttle towards disintegration. There seems to be nobody out there to believe in, have faith in and to trust any more. Clearly not the Americans for the time being, despite their so-called exceptionalism.

Honest and sincere people worldwide are scared of what they are seeing on the news from the land of the free and the brave. Mainstream US media outlets are abandoning journalistic ethics. The president is blocking moves to sue the most bizarre and intolerant country on the planet over its connections to the 9/11 attacks in which thousands of his countrymen were killed. But at the same time he feels comfortable launching disproportional moral attacks on weaker nations, like Thailand, through his seconded “hit-men”. Up is down and left is right. Where are we heading? And where is the stable ground?

A Johnsen

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