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Mainstream media have failed American democracy

Nov 07. 2016
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Two days ago award-winning Australian journalist John Pilger interviewed Julian Assange about Hillary Clinton’s leaked e-mails. Assange stated clearly that the leaks did not come from the Russians, as claimed by those who used it to confuse the situation and direct the media focus onto other things.

But perhaps the biggest threat to American democracy is when the watchdogs of democracy are all barking and sniffing in one direction.

In the two days since the Pilger-Assange interview there has not been a word about it in the American mainstream media. This is despite the fact that Wikileaks has been a major and influential theme during the whole election campaign, so important that an election that seemed to be won a short time ago could now go either way.

I’m sorry to see mainstream media dying, and with them true democracy.

A Johnsen

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