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TV show tests ‘modern Spartans’

Apr 19. 2017
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American sportsentertainment competition TV series “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” will premiere tomorrow (April 22) at 8.35pm on RTL CBS Extreme, True Visions Channel 338.

The series demonstrates how far training and strong determination can take an individual. A team of two men, two women, and one Spartan Elite athlete competes against five other welltrained squads in a onemile loop of unexpected obstacles for a chance to win US$250,000.

The ancient Spartans were considered the greatest warriors of all time. They fielded the most feared military force from the sixth to fourth centuries BC, their soldiers’ skills in battle unmatchable.


To achieve such prestige celebrated to this today, the warriors of Sparta underwent brutal training. Elders vetted every baby boy to ensure he could join the elite army. A baby considered too weak was abandoned to die. Accepted infants were raised ignored when they cried, raised not to fear the dark and bathed in wine instead of water.

As early as seven years of age, boys attended the agoge – a military boarding school – being trained until they were 20, conditioned for battle and survival. 


In modern times, Spartan glory is celebrated in movies, documentaries and TV shows. “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” is loyal to the Spartan concept, showcasing the strenuous training and culminating in a race that tests strength, endurance and willpower. Any move can make or break a competitor. 

While the Spartan way of training no longer applies in our time, there are still those who like to push themselves to the limit. The elite army didn’t earn its title overnight. The soldiers worked hard and became resilient.

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