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Bad outcomes, like sick offspring, can’t always be prevented 

Jun 04. 2017
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I have four questions for couples who plan to have children.

Are you 100-per-cent sure that your child will be born without birth defects? If your child is born with a rare incurable disease, what will you do?

Giving birth is an integral part of nature, but is it right or wrong to give birth with no regard of the child's future? 

Who will be responsible for crimes that your children commit? 

We have seen enough children born with thalassemia, leukaemia, Down's syndrome, or muscular dystrophy. Furthermore, how can you be sure if your children won’t grow up to be another Hitler, Charles Manson, Bin Laden, Thaksin, Yingluck, Red Bull heir, Phra Dhammachayo, or Ko Tee?

An election is likely to bring corrupt politicians, similarly, procreation is likely to bring bad children. By the way, have you stopped beating your children?

Somsak Pola

Samut Prakan

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