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A hero battling globalism, or a poltroon fiddling on Twitter? 

Jun 15. 2017
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The Washington Post has revealed that President Donald Trump will be placed under investigation for a possible criminal obstruction of justice; a logical progression of events.

It follows a number of observations by acknowledged experts, rather than the usual ‘crackpot globalisation conspiracy theorists here, that this was a distinctly likely outcome and a problem largely of Trump’s own making. As Richard Nixon told interviewer David Frost following his departure from the White House, he gave the (righteous) sword to his enemies so they could run him through. Trump is not so much offering a sword; rather a 10-megatonne nuclear warhead. Far from being the sole warrior standing firm against mythical “dark forces”, this man is a cringing poltroon hiding behind his twitter account.

Let us not forget, either, that this same incumbent has told over 600 verifiable lies since his poorly attended inauguration, and continues to besmirch one of the world’s great offices of state. In that sense, it perhaps comes as no surprise that the social mountaineer Trump would attract attention from bipartisan moral authorities in Washington, before going to London later on this year for a selfie with the Queen.

To support a von Danikenesque thesis about some faux mass subterfuge designed to take over the world, we are also treated to a quote mis-attributed to Voltaire (“To find out who rules you, ask who you can’t criticise”, Have Your Say, yesterday). The false attribution is a common one, previously identified by the Guardian newspaper (November 27, 2015) and by University of Western Australia professor Paul Gibbard, one of the world’s leading experts on Voltaire.

I have another aphorism for the cynical peddlers of disinformation to contemplate: maybe you aren’t paranoid, but the SoBs spying on you might well be.

Dr Frank

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