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The widespread misconception about protein in vegan diet  

Nov 22. 2017
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Although most meat eaters are misinformed about vegetarianism, few of them wear their ignorance on their sleeves the way Somsak Pola does (“We should eat meat, drink milk – that’s what cows are for”, Have Your Say, yesterday). 

It is astounding that anyone can believe that vegans get their protein “from the air”. Is he really so ignorant that he’s never heard of plant protein?

And to write that if you lose too much calcium from eating meat all you have to do is take calcium supplements, shows a disgusting lack of sensitivity towards the many women who suffer horribly from osteoporosis.

Mr Pola has a habit of making infantile wisecracks about everything to compensate for his lack of knowledge and human sensitivity. He is fooling no one but himself.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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