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Enjoying a good laugh thanks to ‘Have Your Say’

Dec 03. 2017
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Now, here’s a thing – me and Nigel Pike in agreement. We sometimes find ourselves in each other’s crosshairs but, as he correctly reminds us,

“Have Your Say is an eclectic mix of serious debate and enjoyable rant, a glorious ongoing soap opera whose other-worldly characters beat any that one finds in the Thai TV melodramas”. These “other-worldy” characters include, of course, the ridiculously obvious noms de guerre and their owner, fulminating as they do with their curare-tipped pens. But, enough of that.

I, too, take my metaphorical hat off to the editors who exercise flexibility and judgement in deciding what makes it into this column. Thanks to them, we can all enjoy a good laugh but with due regard to the serious element. I would also agree with the sagacious Pedant’s thoughts in the same edition, who brings great comedy and wisdom to his writings.

Finally please spare a thought for my gonads which will shortly be visiting chillier climes, thankfully with the rest of me, and beating a hasty internal retreat from near-Siberian conditions. Merry bloody bah! Humbug! Christmas.

Auf wiedersehen.

Dr Frank

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