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Junta are losing their way

Feb 02. 2018
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Re: Police seek alleged backers behind anti-junta protests, The Nation, Jan 31

“He also admitted that the government’s popularity was in decline, saying it was common for every government in its fourth year of ruling.”

Yes, it is. And there is little/no likelihood that you will be able to change that.

The longer the junta stays in power, the worse it will be for Thailand.

Samui Bodoh

Prayut Thai democracy in action. Sad.


“We are trying to verify the reports,” he said, adding that there should be no problem as long as their acts were not against the law.

Oh come on, general, just make it up as you have done for years. 

It will not be long before Yingluck gets the blame.


I wonder if there is an uniformed team of spin doctors looking for a strategy to blame their own chaos on some pesky foreigners.


 Uniformed or uninformed,

Perhaps the two rather go together...



Here it comes!

The inevitable raising of the spectre of PMs past as the cause of all things the junta cannot control. They seem to have missed that not everyone likes being controlled by decree. Add that to the appearance that the puppeteers seem to be in it for their own gain. Pitchforks and rebellion are still a distinct possibility.


Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. – Confucius 


“For example, he said, he had also been criticised by the media and yet had not prohibited their coverage.”

Awe, give the man a cookie.


“Authorities warn about ‘foreign instigators’

Okay, now add a heavy dose of paranoia to the ultra-nationalism and far-right conservatism we now endure; the continuing backslide of Thailand

Yet Another/ThaiVisa

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