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Criticism of food production past its sell-by date

Feb 02. 2018
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I love eating meat. I like my steak medium rare, and my lamb well done. I’ve kinda gotten used to this over the years and it’s just fine by me.


What makes me yawn is the usual habit of palookas like Ms Moxham and her gang, constantly trying to think of new ways to say exactly the same thing.

Humans have industrialised crop production – and also meat production - to meet the tastes of the majority. We have a global population to feed and there’s no other way of doing it. 

I get tired of reading the same stuff time and again trying to justify a downsized argument. It won’t affect the eating preferences of the greater part of readers here and for that matter worldwide. As a story it’s way past its boredom threshhold, and it got to its epilogue ages ago.

Noah Zarke

Chiang Mai


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