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Feb 06. 2018
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Amway has reaffirmed its leadership in consumer air treatment systems by launching “Atmosphere Drive”, the first and only car air purifier to receive Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Atmosphere Drive addresses urban lifestyles in which people spend several hours a day in their car amid the rising trend for healthy living. 

With its marketing campaign and sales promotion in place, the new product is set to spur its market with a sales target of Bt300 million.

Kittawat Ritteerawee, managing director of Amway (Thailand) Limited, said, “People are increasingly health-conscious today. With a surging trend in favour of prevention rather than therapeutic healthcare, people are trying to stay healthy and live a long life. 

However, a lot of Thais continue to live with health problems, particularly allergies. It is estimated that more than 18 million people have an allergy, among them over 10 million suffer from respiratory allergy and 5 million others with asthma. Protecting ourselves from exposure to pollutants and allergens is not easy because these allergenic substances exist everywhere, including in cars. A recent study revealed that car air quality can be up to 15 times worse than the air outdoor, makes it a health threat to humans.”

“Besides, road traffic is getting worse. In 2017, Thailand topped the world’s ranking of cities with the most severe rush hour traffic, suggesting that Thais have to spend more time in their car as if it is their third home after their residence and workplace,” he pointed out. “This translates to longer exposure to airborne contaminants in the car, which increases the risk of respiratory diseases, including allergies. 

 Although allergies are chronic conditions, they can be prevented by minimizing one’s exposure to allergens. As a leading provider of health products and the global leader in consumer air treatment innovation, Amway foresaw a promising market for our car air treatment system to Thai consumers.”


TMB credit card is joining forces with H&M and invite cardholders to enjoy shopping with double bonus: 1) For each Bt2,000 sales slip, get Bt100 cash back (5 per cent); for each Bt5,000 sales slip, get a refund of Bt750 (15 per cent),effective through 30 April 2018. Limited up to Bt2,250 per card throughout the campaign. Shoppers can register via SMS to receive a privilege by typing TMBM followed by the last 12 digits of the TMB credit card and send it to 4806026 and send it to 4806026 (Bt3/message). 

2) pay by instalments with TMB So GooOD with zero per cent interest for three months (Minimum Bt1,000 per sales slip). Simply use a credit card and call 1558, press 1 followed by 01 or choose to make a transaction manually via TMB Touch/ TMB Internet Banking before the credit balance cutoff.


Lipton Ice Tea, the No 1 ready-to-drink (RTD) tea in 24 countries around the world, has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a new Asian-inspired RTD green tea “Lipton Green Tea Mango Pandan” in Thailand’s Bt13-billion RTD tea market .

Tuangporn Siriwatwitoon, group product manager – Lipton Ice Tea of Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Company Limited, said “In 2017, Thailand’s RTD tea drink – including green tea, black tea and white tea – was worth about Bt13.7 billion, which shrank by 8.5 per cent when compared to the previous year. 

 However, Lipton Ice Tea was the only major players achieving a growth rate of 40 per cent, outperforming the total industry. 

Last year’s success was apparently the result of our business transformation to a company-owned bottling operation with a focus on pack-price strategy, the launch of ‘Lipton Food Buddy’ campaign, and proactive channel expansion.”

 “This year, aside from strengthening our leadership position in the black tea segment, we aim to expand the consumer base through the introduction of our latest innovation ‘Lipton Green Tea Mango Pandan’, with Thailand as the first market. 

The new drink is planned to be launched in other Asean countries,” added Tuangporn.


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