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Another Thai official under scrutiny

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Re: Senior DSI official faces probe over alleged rape, extortion, Feb 16, The Nation



“The relative said the accused had filed a lawsuit against the woman for adultery. He said the court ruled against her because of evidence ‘made by coercion’ including the photos.” 
Just the usual Thai justice system protecting their mates.
And so ... we have another high-profile rat that will likely never be punished! 
“…The accused official has not been suspended from work because the accusation was related to his abuse of authority and he has not obstructed the probe so far, he said.” 
What kind of “logic” is that? He is accused of serious crimes and the “not-obstructed-yet reasoning” is thoughtless foolishness.
Logic? What logic? Here in Thailand? Are you serious in seeking logic? They don’t let the facts that he’s accused of rape and extortion stand in their way or “logic” that “it not related to his abuse of authority” what ever that means...
Powerful senior official, so he is above the law. Bt1,000 salary cut is nothing for him.
Rotten to the bone almost all of them.
“The DSI issued a letter explaining that the victim had filed a complaint with the DSI last February and they had passed it on to the permanent secretary for due process. This had resulted in a fact-finding probe last April and the recent order for a serious disciplinary probe. The months-long delay was not explained … should complete the probe in 180 days, he said. So, 10 months for a “fact-finding probe” and six months for a “serious disciplinary probe”. What’s next – a double-secret probationary probe?
Words fail me with these circus clowns

Published : February 18, 2018