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Gaza bloodshed inevitable

May 16. 2018
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God the Father, the same God worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims, could be disgruntled seeing the deadly clash between His subjects – Palestine protesters and Israeli security forces on the Gaza border – over the moving of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump might have reached the decision of moving the embassy while he was munching a cheeseburger in bed. By officially recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Mr Trump has honoured his campaign pledge. Now he hopes that more Jewish-American votes will keep him in office for a second term. He sent his Jewish son-in-law and daughter, a convert, as special envoys to attend the embassy opening and his spirit was flying high when a square near the embassy was renamed in his honour.

As for the bloodshed that everyone knew would follow, a consequence that all past US presidents had tried to avoid, Mr Trump must have viewed it as ketchup spills staining his bed sheets.

Now that Israel has got she wants, will she be more connected to God the Father than the Palestinians?  

Yingwai Suchaovanich

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