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US Jerusalem move is a long-stated official policy

May 19. 2018
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Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem has been official US policy since the Jerusalem Embassy Act was passed by both Congress and the Senate in 1995.

Clinton, Bush and Obama refused to implement the democratically voted law, but Trump has done so, at the same time 

fulfilling his election pledge to the voters. But let’s not allow history and democratic process to get in the way of a good Trump bashing, eh, folks?

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

There is absolutely no atrocity against Muslims that JC Wilcox will condemn. He is yet to write one word about the genocide Buddhists have committed against the Rohingya

As for Jerusalem, in 1947 the UN ruled when establishing the state of Israel that Jerusalem should be an international city. After the 1948 war, Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan. In 1967 Israel conquered the entire city and eventually annexed Jerusalem, an act that was totally illegal.

Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem was a blatant act of intimidation against the Palestinians and it served no other purpose other than for Trump to reward the Zionist extremists and the Christian Right for supporting him.

I will say this one last time – Israel has been given many opportunities to live in peace with its neighbours with a  two- state solution. They have responded to every offer by expanding Jewish settlements in the occupied territory and stealing even more Palestinian land. As for Mr Wilcox, how can you call yourself a Buddhist when you support Zionist and Christian Right extremism which is in total contradiction of Buddhist principles?

I publicly challenge Wilcox to back up his outrageous claim that the Palestinians were dropping bombs and firing missiles on the Israelis, before the Israelis slaughtered them.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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